App Testers


Thank you for agreeing to test the new app for Android from

This app is designed to show users the tracking map of Santa when he flies on Christmas Eve. It is also designed to link users with the most popular features of Santa and the North Pole that we can squeeze into a tiny screen.

We just ask a few things of you:

1. Please do NOT share this app with anyone else. The official version will be available on our websites and on the Google Play Store when it is ready. Install it on your phone and your phone alone. After the testing period is over this version of the app will be deactivated.

2. Please explore the entirety of the app. It is not complex and most links lead to our websites. The main purpose of the app is to give Santa fans an on-the-go look of where Santa is in real time on Christmas Eve.

3. After you have downloaded and tried the app, please come back to this page and leave any feedback you might have.

You will need to download this app on your phone from this page and activate it.

From your phone, click on this link:

Please use the app. Right now it is showing the map from North Pole Flight Command for Santa’s test flights. When Christmas comes, it will show our traditional “bouncing Santa” and his little gifts that mark his path. Other than that, the app you see now is the app we’re likely to release or close to it after we have evaluated it. We will test the app until November 7th, 2020.

Then we will review your feedback, make adjustments as we can and release it to the public.

Please leave your feedback below: