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About Us is produced by the North Pole Tracking Department. The map you see on our homepage is the same map we use at the North Pole to plan Santa’s flight and to track his progress. The story we tell comes from The North Pole — the home of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves and the reindeer. You can contact us via this link. is a commercial-free, family friendly service provided through a partnership between, Kringle Radio and My Merry, the World’s Largest Christmas community.

These efforts began offline in 1991 with a single elf from the North Pole working to help a 5-year-old discover the magic of Santa Claus. The predominate technology of the time — a fax machine — was used to provide her Santa “updates” direct from the North Pole. She shared those magic updates with her friends. Within a few seasons the faxes were going to offices, military bases, schools and churches around the world.

In 1994 the Santa Updates came to the Internet and they found a permanent home at Santa in 2000.

Kringle Radio is a year round dedicated stream of original Christmas programming (not the same 50 songs). Every December 23rd the stream broadcasts music just for Santa — and broadcasts breaking news of Santa’s flight direct from the North Pole Newsroom.

My Merry is where the world reacts to news of Santa and his Christmas Eve flight. Ever since returning faxes to ask Elf Ernest about the things of Christmas from the North Pole perspective the conversation about Christmas has never stopped. Year round Christmas enthusiasts from all over the world gather in a warm, friendly and peaceful environment where traditions are shared and great Christmas activities — such as the world-famous worldwide Christmas card exchange — are celebrated every day of the year.

We do not sell advertising on this site or via any of the online venues associated with Santa. (He forbids it.)

We do not sell products or access to Santa Claus in any way, shape or form (Santa doesn’t like that either).

We do NOT collect private information or have any kind of direct interaction with children on our sites.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site.

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